Le K2 Altitude smoking room in Courchevel

Velvet sofas, distressed leather chairs, low tables, an exceptional open cellar - Le Churchill Klub reinvents the concept of a smoking room for cigar and spirits enthusiasts. A cosy, almost confidential atmosphere, Le Churchill Klub is a genuine oasis.

Le Churchill Klub

  • Cosy smoking room
  • Selection of cigars from various producers, rare examples
  • Menu of brandies, whiskies and spirits
  • Open from 9:30am until the bar closes
  • Cigar preparation

Smoky swirls and timeless moments

After dinner, in an intimate setting, the rare collections of aged alcohol and cigars from exceptional producers at Le Churchill Klub are an opportunity for a timeless experience. An El Septimo with its smoky swirls, a Hennessy Richard cognac shared with friends: giving evenings a feeling of prolonged eternity.