Peruvian restaurant at Le K2 Altitude

From the Alps to the Andean Cordillera, flavour reaches its peak. Le K2 Altitude has opened its doors to creative Peruvian cuisine since December 2018. At L’Altiplano, a temporary restaurant dedicated to Peruvian flavours, Le K2 Altitude pays homage to one of the finest cuisines in South America. Supported by the chef Pieter Riedijk, L’Altiplano is undoubtedly a discovery to savour.


  • Peruvian cuisine
  • Open from mid-December to mid-April
  • Closed Sundays
  • Valet service
  • Disabled access available

Friendly cuisine inspired by Peru

A cuisine of flavours and colours, a cuisine of tradition and mixtures, at diner time Peru comes to Le K2 Altitude.

L’Altiplano welcomes Peruvian specialities to the table and invites food lovers to make surprising discoveries, unlike European cuisine, on a sensory journey to the doorstep of Lima.

Sensory journey

Sunny Flavours

Corn and sweet potato, amaranth and pepper, fish ceviche and avocado all in a sunny gourmet dish where flavours and subtlety are perfectly balanced.

Why not tempt your taste buds with lomo saltado, a traditional dish using sautéed beef, which reflects the links between Peruvian cuisine and Asia.